Hello you!

I’m Sophie, owner and designer of Sophie Ellis Design – a luxury Brand and web design studio SET in the heart of the Leicestershire Wolds.

I haven’t always been a branding expert, in fact I started out studying journalism (where I touched upon graphic design within my early days) and I then moved on to pursue teaching.  I then had my first son and my whole world just changed over night and I realised that it wasn’t my dream nor my passion to return to teaching – so I went back to university and studied an MA in publishing. It was there that my love of graphic and brand design was brought back to life. 

You see, I am a creative and to do something like this brought a fire to my belly that I had never had before. I then fell into my niche of weddings and wedding stationery where I run my other business (The Silken Press) and I began to get a lot of enquiries for branding and websites.

This was when I had my epiphany – this was what I am born to do – and I’ve got to say it, I do it well!


How I Can Help You 

This is what

I’m born to do

Please have a look at my portfolio or if you’d prefer to have a free discovery call to see how we can put the power back into your branding please

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I AM A WIFE AND A MUM TO TWO BEAUTIFUL BOYS. These are my true successes in life

I adore to while away hours designing bad ass brands that I know have the power to build confidence.

I’m a 4 x published author, illustrator and a determined business owner.

I know what it takes to create a brand and make it stand out from the crowd. I also know what it is like to be a busy mum, wife and crazy dog owner.  Life is hectic and I can completely resonate. That is why we can build your brand together.











I just want to say thank you so much for the branding. I love it and I cannot wait to share it. I know that I needed it but I didn’t think that I would be this excited by the end of the process. Mayah Riaz

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