Brand or Branding – How to Tell the Difference

Nov 12, 2019 | Branding | 0 comments

Brand or Branding – How to Tell the Difference





Brand and branding can easily become somewhat amalgamated as one and to be honest I hear you, it can become somewhat confusing.  I decided to write this blog post to alleviate some of the myths and confusion between the two. 


So, what is a brand? 


A brand is an emotion, an experience and everything to do with your business. It is how your receptionist answers the phone, how your viewers portray your website or even how you sign off your emails.  A brand is literally everything that your portray your business to be and it isn’t to be taken lightly – if you are going to do something well, please, make sure that you get your brand just so because after all, it is something that you want people to talk about and remember. So if you are signing your emails off with a generic ‘thanks’ you may want to revisit and revise how personable you are coming across.  

Have a think about how your brand comes across and question whether it resonates with you and how you’d like to be remembered.  Take a look at your instagram feed, your Facebook business profile and your website – do they encompass your values? Would your dream client fall in love with your brand? 

Okay so now you know in the simplest of forms what a brand is, you can probably begin to see a little clearer how branding works.  Branding is far simpler and to cut to the chase it is your marks, your identity and a series of designs that make your business stand out and shine above the rest.  Take Cadbury’s for example – everybody (especially within the wedding industry) has heard of the term ‘Cadbury purple’, people can resonate with the colour and the identity. You want your brand to be powerful enough for future clients to remember you or recognise your business icon and you want them to do so by just taking a glance at your branding.  The reason why I began to design for clients was because I wanted to empower other businesses like me own to be able to shine through using their business branding.  



You can  have the perfect branding, the website, the logo, the social media icons but if you cannot get your brand across to potential clients that resonates with them, then you do not have a brand.  Brutal words, I know, but true me, it works.   Take some time out this week to have a little check through to ensure that your brand matches your core business values – and if they do not, please, PLEASE  start actioning them. 

If you would like help or a consultation with your website design, branding or help with your brand please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to help. 

Love, Sophie